Call for papers: conference 14-15 September 2022

Hybrid conference in Cambridge 14-15 September 2022: call for papers

From maps to chronicles, from sagas and songs to emerging cities, landscape plays an active part in shaping the medieval world. Much more than a backdrop to narrative, much more than a passive object of knowledge, much more than patches of space to be allocated and appropriated, landscape is a vital force in narrative, power, and knowledge. For this conference, which follows the seminar series of the same name, we invite contributions from researchers at all career stages working on medieval culture in any language.

Questions to be addressed include, but are not limited to:

  • How are boundaries between countries and cultures defined in the Middle Ages?
  • What role does landscape play in medieval narrative and memory?
  • How is landscape represented in medieval visual art?
  • How do medieval representations of landscape resonate with modern ecocriticism?
  • What can medieval landscape tell us about the interactions between the natural and the supernatural?
  • What are the ethics of landscape management, naming, and ownership in the Middle Ages?
  • How can we speak of the agency of landscape in the Middle Ages and now?
  • Who is visible in the medieval landscape – and who isn’t?

We welcome proposals for 20-minute papers; or a panel of shorter interventions.

Please submit an abstract of up to 250 words to by 9 June 2022.

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