A couple of changes and an announcement

The seminar on 9 February (tomorrow, as I write this) is on the theme of Landscape as History. We have a slight change of line-up: our speakers will be Prof Máire Ní Mhaonaigh (Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic and St John’s College, Cambridge) and

Prof Heide Estes (Department of English, Monmouth University). You will need to register on eventbrite to get the zoom invitation; if you’re able to attend in person, we’ll be in the same room as last time SR2-4 in the English Faculty.


We have postponed our third seminar to 9 March. March’s theme is Landscape as Knowledge, and our speakers are Dr Mary Franklin-Brown (Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages and Linguistics and Christ’s College, Cambridge) and Prof Emily Lethbridge (Árni Magnússon Institute, University of Iceland).


With two speakers in each of these seminars, our intention is to start a conversation between our presenters and their work, which can extend into the rest of the seminar, and beyond. Máire and I are already pondering many of the questions and ideas raised by and in response to our first speaker, Prof Renaud Gagné, and I’m hoping to bring some of them together into a blogpost soon.


We’d also like to remind you of the conference we’re planning for later this year. It will take place in person in Cambridge and online on 14 and 15 September. A call for papers will soon be appearing here and elsewhere.

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